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Vanessa Bruno Athe dressesVanessa Bruno Athé is a clothing label created by Vanessa Bruno. Vanessa Bruno launched her self named label in 1996 and Vanessa Bruno Athé is a diffusion line, which focuses on beautiful and wearable clothes which fashionistas the world over want to wear.

Vanessa Bruno Athe cotton blouseThe Vanessa Bruno Athé range is full of the basic essentials, classic and elegant day dresses, bags and boots, leaving an understated yet incredibly stylish signature. The typical Vanessa Bruno look would be clothing that cut close to the body but not tight, with loose sleeves and a deep neckline, worn over skinny trousers and tucked into ankle boots. Vanessa herself describes her clothing as "easy clothes for difficult girls."

Vanessa Bruno has her roots deeply entrenched in the fashion world. Vanessa's mother was a a Danish Supermodel during the 1960s, whilst her father founded the French fashion house Emmanuelle Khanh.

In 1996, when Vanessa Bruno was 24, she started her own clothing line.

Vanessa Bruno Athe Milano Leather DressWhich Celebrites have been seen wearing Vanessa Bruno Athé?

Celebrities who have been seen out and about in Tinsel Town wearing Vanessa Bruno Athé designs include Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie.

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