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Universal-WorksUniversal Works

Universal Work patchwork check shirtUniversal Works is a British clothing company that specialises in the use of long lasting, traditional and hardwearing materials to create contemporary and fashionable menswear, for men who like to look good without looking as though they have tried too hard. "Hey Girl, I don't have to try to look good, I just do..."

The Universal Works collection contains casual, rugged clothing including checked and patchwork shirts, cotton chinos, cotton knitwear and twill waistcoats. The Universal Works brand aims to provide men with a contemporary collection of clothes that are attractive, timeless and are immune from the seasonal fluctuations of the fashion industry.

The Philosophy

Universal Workds navy striped jumper

Universal Works philosophy is just to produce good, honest, hardworking menswear. They make items of quality that fit really nicely. They are not trying to create a "vision" or send a "message" with their designs. They don't have any particular "target markets" in mind.

Universals Works make clothing for every man. Every man who wants to look stylish. They want to be proud of their designs, not overdesign them with unecessary embellishments to jump on the latest fashion bandwagon.

A lot of men, if not the majority, will find this to be a refreshing approach.

The emphasis is on natural fabrics, not man made. For the Summer collection, the emphasis is on cool, comfortable cotton. Universal Works employs only high skilled people in small factories who really understand what they are doing. This is the way to get the best quality garments in the world - it's not the cheapest way, but Universal Works believes that it is the best way.

Universal Works waistcoat and shirtWhere can I buy Universal Works clothing online?

my-wardrobe have a great selection of Universal Works knitwear, chinos, patchwork shirts and waistcoats online. They are based in the UK designer clothesbut offer worldwide delivery.