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sass and bide bronze rats leggings Sass & Bide is an Australian manufacturer of leggings that has recently taken the fashion world by storm with its edgy and contemporary designs of leggings.

sass and bide silver rats leggingsThe rats leggings, as they are called, are tight, light and sexy. Current incarnations are available in bronze, silver, pvc and black. If you have nice legs and are reasonably slim, there is nothing better to show your figure off in than these Sass & Bide leggings.

The company was created by a partnership between Sarah-Jane Clarke (who is nicknamed Sass) and Heidi Middleton (who is nicknamed is Bide). Quite where the girls got these nicknames from, I'm afraid I don't know!

sass and bide pvc black rats leggingsSass & Bide legging are quirky and sexy. However, my personal opinion is that they look far better on women than on men, despite the fact that Russell Brand has been seen out and about in them recently.

Russell brand wearing Sass and Bide rats leggingsCelebrites who wear Sass & Bide

A number of female celebrities have also been spotted wearing Sass & Bide leggings, including Emma Watson, Kate Moss, Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Allen and Sienna Miller.

sass and bide black rats leggings

Where can I buy Sass & Bide Leggings online?

You can buy Sass & Bide at my-wardrobe. My Wardrobe are based in the UK but offer worldwide delivery.

Another online stockist is StyleBop who also sell a wide range of designer clothing online.


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