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pink soda boutique logoPink Soda Boutique

pink soda boutique dressThe Pink Soda company was originally founded in the 1980s, by Robert Rose and David Solomon, leading the fashion at that time. Over the years, it has reestablished itself as a high end luxury line, with the launch of Pink Soda Boutique at Milan Fashion Week in 2001.

Pink Soda Boutique silk satin blouse

The Pink Soda Boutique line became very successful throughout Europe, Japan and the Middle East. Celebrity fans of the brand include Keira Knightley and Sadie Frost.

The sister label, Pink Soda, is a younger, more accessible brand. Its products are a little cheaper than the Pink Soda Boutique brand.

Pink Soda Boutique dresses and blouses are truly luxurious, displaying fine embroidery, hand finishing and trendy embellishments, combining modern and vintage in one beautiful garment. The creative director is Robert Rose, and he is ably assisted by two other designers to innovate the finest Pink Soda Boutique collections.

Where can I buy Pink Soda Boutiques dresses, blouses and coats online?

Start London have a good selection of Pink Soda Boutique dresses, blouses and coats online. This company offers worldwide shipping, so make the most of the low pound and shop to your heart's content!

Kate Moss wearing Pink Soda Boutique classic prom dress in blackUrban Outfitters are also stocking the Pink Soda Boutique brand, new for the Spring Summer 2009 season. You can see the enviable Kate Moss modelling some of the designs.

Where can I buy the Pink Soda Boutique and Pink Soda brands offline?

The brands are available in speciality designer boutiques and department stores across the UK, although in 2009 a Pink Soda Boutique flagship store will be opened (most likely in London) and this will be followed by concessions in the major department stores around the UK.

Currently, you should be able to find the Pink Soda Boutique brand in Harrods, Fenwicks and a number of smaller speciality boutiques. There are too many to list all of them, but here is a random sample:

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