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Miss Sixty Amalia Dress

Miss Sixty is a brand that was founded in 1991, originally by an Italian company called the Italian Sixty Group, which was founded by Vittorio Hassan and Renato Rossi.

Miss Sixty quickly became the popular and iconic brand of choice for young women across the globe, and was particularly famous initially for the range of skinny cut jeans. However, nowadays Miss Sixty is equally famous for its funky, fashionable and beautifully styled dresses, jackets, blouses, t-shirts, shoes and accessories including belts and bags.

Miss Sixty dresses are characterised by their feminine cut and style in conjunction with the use of colourful fabrics and patterns. Many of the dresses have a contemporary and edgy feel to them.

Miss Sixty's motto is "fashionable, different, expressive" and this is what their range of designs aspire to be.

Miss Sixty Sea Blu DressWhich celebrities have been seen wearing Miss Sixty?

Miss Sixty is a popular brand amongst young female celebrities and Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie and Rihanna have all been seen out and about wearing the brand.

Where can I buy Miss Sixty dresses, jeans, jackets, blouses, shoes and t-shirts online?Miss Sixty Multicoloured JumperPhase Eight Sadie Burnout Dress

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