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Lipsy prom dress colour block designLipsy specialises in young, fun fashions that move effortlessly from the catwalk to the High Street, creating great value dresses, tops, jackets, coats and jumpsuits with a designer appearance at a more reasonable price. Lipsy is a huge success as a brand - the company's designs are frequently worn by Girls Aloud, Big Brother participants (Nikki Graham comes to Nikki Grahame wearing the Lipsy puffball dressmind - see her wearing the Lipsy silver puffball dress on the left) and X-Factor contestants alike. Other celebrities who wear Lipsy include Kate Middleton (is she a celebrity?), Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and Holly Willoughby. I also have about five Lipsy dresses in my own wardrobe, which shows just how popular and accessible the brand has become. My favourite Lipsy dress is a brown bodice style dress which tightens via two ribbons down the front, that meet at the top in a bow.

Although Lipsy also manufacture tops, outerwear, skirts, jeans and leggings, they are best known for their wonderful dresses, of which their is a great range. You can choose party dresses, prom dresses, day dresses, halternecks, one-shoulder, shift, strapless, backless, babydoll, tea and wrap dresses from the huge selection availalble.

Lipsy pink velour hoodyLipsy leather waterfrill black jacketNext took over Lipsy in October 2008, but they are leaving the company as a stand alone brand - there are no plans to sell Lipsy dresses in Next stores. Indeed, on Tuesday 28th October, 2008, Lipsy opened their first stand-alone store in the Brent Cross shopping centre in London, although there are currently no plans to open further similar stores in the UK.

Lipsy also have a logo range - all items in the range feature the Lipsy logo on them, and the range includes tops, vests, t-shirts, velour hoodies and pants, necklaces, bags and purses. The lovely pink top pictured above left is from the Lipsy logo range. The leather jacket pictured above right is the "Waterfall Frill Leather Bomber Jacket" from the Lipsy outerwear range.

Lipsy shift dress - frontLipsy keyhole shift dress - backWhere can I buy Lipsy dresses, skirts, jackets and jumpsuits online?

You can buy directly from Lipsy.

Although Lipsy is a UK company, they do deliver to most countries worldwide, including all of Europe, America, Canada, China, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and New Zealand. However, there are a few countries that they don't deliver to, including most of Africa and a handful of countries in the Far East. Click here for information about shipping to the UK and internationally.

Lipsy dress as worn by Vanessa from The Saturdays lipsy dress as worn by Diana VickersHere are two Lipsy dresses that are currently half price in the sale, there are lots more on the site.

The dress on the left is the same dress that has been seen on Vanessa from The Saturdays and on Carley Stenson from Hollyoaks.

The dress on the right has been seen on Diana Vickers from The X-Factor.