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John Smedley Pink Island SweaterJohn Smedley is a luxury knitwear brand, manufacturing jumpers, cardigans and sweaters in top quality merino wool and 100% cotton. Production has been based in the company's factory in Matlock, Derbyshire for more than 220 years.

John Smedley to this day only uses the best quality natural materials, and successfully combines the legacy of traditional craftsmen skills with the efficiency of modern technology.

John Smedley designs knitwear collections for both men and women. His designs are classic and can form the mainstay of any wardrobe. He uses high quality fabrics such as cotton, merino wool and cashmere, and many of his designs are in one simple colour or with stripes or block coloured.

John Smedley Red Spyder Merino Crew KnitHere is a summary of the key ingredients in the production of John Smedley knitwear that make it so fabulous:

John Smedley Charcoal Dolly Button Through CardiganWhich celebrities wear John Smedley knitwear?

Celebs who have been seen out and about wearing John Smedley cardigans and jumpers include Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Kathryn Prescott and Sean Connery.

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