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Butter by NadiaButter by Nadia

butter by nadiaButter by Nadia is famed for its original "Signature Wrap Dress", but it also has a collection of other innovative dresses and designs.

Butter by Nadia is based in Brooklyn, New York. The dresses are styled to flatter women of every shape and size. Designed by Nadia Tarr, who has a background in dance and choreography, she chooses soft buttery material and fabrics that wrap, twist and drape around the body to create endless styles.

Butter by Nadia Dara jersey wrap dressButter by Nadia Dara jersey wrap dressThe "Signature Wrap Dress" was first introduced in 2002, in lots of different colours and two different lengths. You could also select the dress in either jersey or satin. Butter by Nadia has since introduced new collections and styles, and continues to introduce new styles every season

Celebrity fans of the brand include Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Watts, Jordan from American Idol and Salma Hayek.

Butter by Nadia dresses are "one size fits all" and their motto is: "One dress, one size, countless possibilities". Many of the dresses can be worn in a variety of different ways, and the material melts over you like butter. See the Dara jersey dress, pictured left and right, for examples of different ways a dress can be worn.

butter by nadia kyi cardigan Butter by Nadia Jersey wrap gownWhere can I buy Butter by Nadia dresses online?

A great place to buy Butter by Nadia online is Question Air. Question Air have a wide range of Butter by Nadia dresses including jersey wrap gowns, jersey wrap pant suits, satin wrap dresses and even a butter Kyi cardigan.

Question Air are based in the UK but offer worldwide shipping.