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Burfitt Kate Moss Court Jester T-Shirt Dress Burfitt is a recently launched Swedish designer clothing label, founded by Lovisa Burfitt. Lovisa Burfitt is a graduate from the Beckmans School of Burfitt Kate Moss Charlie Chaplin T-Shirt DressFashion, Sweden in 1998. Beckmans School of Fashion is, in its own words, "not only Sweden's but northern Europe's leading and most prestigious school for advanced fashion design".

Directly after graduating, Lovisa Burfitt created the brand BURFITT in Sweden, as an upper range ready-to-wear line. Subsequently in 2003 she lauched the brand in Paris.

Her latest collection has now made it's way to the UK and was available exclusively from my-wardrobe.com. The collection featured Burfitt's friend, Kate Moss, in a variety of Burfitt Kate Moss Le Clown T-Shirt Dressguises that one would not expect from the Supermodel, including a clown, Charlie Chaplin and a Court Jester.

Each of the t-shirt dresses were available in a limited edition of just 500 of each design. At a price of £98, they sold out quickly. They were from completely natural materials - 70% cotton and 30% bamboo.

my-wardrobe's buyer, Joanne Watkinson, told Vogue Magazine: "The element that attracted the buying team to the Burfitt collection was the unique illustrations.

"Owning a piece from her collection, and it being limited edition, felt like buying a piece of wearable art.

"The Kate Moss connection made it even more exciting," she added.

Unfortunately there are no more of the t-shirts left. However, you can buy a small range of Burfitt clothing from Yoox , who, at the time of writing, had a small collection of Burfitt mid length jackets and tops. Yoox offer worldwide delivery.

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