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Belstaff Che Guevara JacketBelstaff was founded in 1924 by father and son-in-law Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg and was originally based in Victoria Place in Longton, Staffordshire. The company gets its name from Eli's surname Belovitch and the county Staffordshire. Belstaff produces all-weather jackets for men and was the first company to use waxed cotton. The company also now produces men's leather boots.

Tom Cruise wearing Belstaff jacketUnfortunately, the Longton factory closed down in the 1991 English textile crisis and production was moved to Wellingborough. However, Belstaff lives on and is now owned by Clothing Company, an Italian company.

Belstaff is best known and loved for its legendary jackets. Famous customers from the past include motocross prodigy Sammy Miller; the revolutionary Che Guevara and Steve McQueen. In more recent history, Tom Cruise wore a Belstaff jacket whilst filming Mission Impossible and Will Smith wore a Belstaff jacket whilst filming I am Legend.

Belstaff waxed cotton roadmaster jacketwill smith wearing belstaff jacketThe current Belstaff range has stayed close to its roots, including iconic jackets in waxed cotton and leather, and now leather boots to boot. Check out the Belstaff flying jacket which is the last word in style.

Where can I buy Belstaff jackets and boots online?

my-wardrobe designer clotheshave a good selection of Belstaff jackets and boots for men including waxed cotton jackets, and they can all be purchased online. my-wardrobe offer worldwide delivery.


Van Mildert also have a great range of Belstaff jackets for men, including the Roadmaster, Trialmaster, Racemaster and Vintage jackets. Van Mildert also deliver worldwide.

Matches Fashion also stock Belstaff for women, a range that consists of classic waxed cotton jackets and leather boots, and Belstaff for men, which has jackets, boots and holdalls.