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Barbour mens black union jack international jacketBarbour is a British brand that has been established for over 100 years. It was founded in 1894 by John Barbour, who sold oilskins in the port of South Shields. Now in its fourth generation of being a family business, the company is proud of its three royal warrants.

Barbour themselves say: "Barbour is an authentic British brand providing a wardrobe of clothes for country pursuits, country living and for those who simply love the country, while still maintaining the core values of its heritage, durability, fitness for purpose and attention to detail."

The current Barbour collection consists of classically styled waxed and quilted jackets for both men and women. You can also now buy olive canvas and chocolate leather weekend and tarras bags. Traditionally, Barbour's target market was those who like to hunt and fish. However, with the cult style status the brand has now obtained, the range has been modernised to target people who are younger and trendier. Nevertheless, the quality and excellence of the Barbour jackets remain true to the brand.

Barbour ladies' Olive Classic Bedale Waxed Jacketbarbour jackets worn by Peaches Geldof and Lily AllenWhich celebrities have been seen wearing Barbour jackets?

Lots of younger celebrities have been spotted wearing Barbour jackets, including Lily Allen, Sadie Frost, Peaches Geldof, Sienna Miller and Prince William!

A company spokeswoman said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that the firm was "excited" that so many young celebs had started wearing Barbour jackets.

She said: "To be perfectly honest Barbour is not trying to be a fashion brand. It just happens that we have been picked up by young trendy celebrities, which is fantastic.

"We are not moving away from our classic jackets," she said.

Where can I buy Barbour jackets online?

my-wardrobe designer clotheshave a good selection of Barbour jackets for men and women including quilted jackets, and they can all be purchased online. my-wardrobe offer worldwide delivery.


Tucci have an excellent selection of Barbour jackets for men and women, including a women's red quilted jacket, a men's distressed Bedale Green waxed jacket, Men's Chelsea quilted jackets and the women's Kate Liberty Print Jacket in black.

Van Mildert also have a great range of Barbour jackets, gilets and shirts for men. Van Mildert also deliver worldwide.